TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Metrohm Thiết bị trong sản xuất ADI 201Y Series – single method Process Analyzers


The 201Y series can be applied in many different industries to analyze and control wet chemical processes.

The proven applications make use of titration, ISE, and colorimetric techniques. Thanks to the smart, modular design of the wet part and specially developed analytical methods, the instrument takes care of calibration and result validation fully automatically. This ensures reliable process monitoring and control day and night.












Key features

  • Modular design allows flexible configurations for almost any application.
  • Batchwise operation enables an analysis frequency on the basis of process changes.
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation using programmable macros
  • Ingress protection according to IP66/NEMA 4 enclosure for harsh environments
  • Dedicated version available for Karl Fischer water determination






ADI 201Y Series systems






Analyzers tailored to your requirements


Metrohm Process Analytics can engineer and supply virtually any "unit operation" for sample preconditioning and can provide a complete working solution for most industrial processes.

Projects range from one analyzer in combination with a simple sample panel to complete packages with shelters, piping, wiring, and interfacing.













Stainless steel: when hygiene matters

The stainless steel housing option for the 201Y series is available for all hygienic applications in the food and beverage industry.

The watertight design withstands stringent hygienic cleaning procedures without the fear of rust and corrosion. This option is also suitable for harsh chemical environments where corrosion is unavoidable.













Titrolyzer for fast and accurate analysis

The ADI 2016 is a (potentiometric) titration-based analyzer using high-precision burets and high-performance electrodes that guarantees accurate results.

This absolute analytical method offers high selectivity through the use of dedicated electrodes and titrants, with no calibration needed. The titration method is suitable for a variety of proven standardized methods covering a huge number of wet chemical applications.












Ion Analyzer with unique methodology

The specially developed Dynamic Standard Addition (DSA) method with multi-calibration slopes makes the ADI 2018 suitable for ultimate low or high measuring ranges with enhanced accuracy and stability. The unique DSA feature automatically validates the measurement and eliminates sample matrix effects and inaccuracies at the same time.

Automatic calibration intervals guarantee a working ion-selective electrode when within preset limits and will trigger an alarm if the electrode needs to be reconditioned or replaced.











Colorimeter with high-performance photometer

Your color laboratory method can be directly implemented in a simple way to perform analysis online with the ADI 2019.

Modern LED technology used in a high-performance compact photometer module ensures repeatable and accurate results with high sensitivity at low concentration levels. Sample temperature effects are eliminated by means of a thermostatic cuvette producing trustworthy results for process optimization.















Brochure: Single-parameter online analyzers