Mecmesin torque tester AFTI

AFTI advanced force and torque tester

AFTI may thu luc momen xoan

dong ho do luc momen quay afti

may do luc van tua vit
may thu nghiem luc momen xoan mecmesin AFTI

TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Mecmesin Thiết bị thử lực kéo lực nén AFTI Máy đo lực kéo nén và momen xoắn


The Advanced Force and Torque Indicator (AFTI) is a high-specification display unit, for use with Mecmesin's 'Smart' force and torque sensors.

Ideal for use in production, quality-control or in research and development,  its dual-function keypad makes operation simple. With its rugged housing being machined from lightweight aluminium, the ergonomic AFTI is powered through a mains adaptor (supplied) or standard rechargeable AAA batteries.

Interchangeable 'Smart' sensors are plug and play. Simply connect a force or torque sensor to the AFTI and its calibration data will be automatically recognised without any operator input required.



Tension, compression and torque measurement with peak-hold function and full unit conversion of the displayed value.

Operating at an internal sampling rate of 5,000 Hz measurements can be displayed in:

  • N.m, mN.m, cN.m, daN.m
  •, lbf.ft,
  • N, mN, cN, daN, kN
  • kgf, gf
  • lbf, ozf



Clear 4 ½ digit backlit display featuring an overload warning with trend bar to alert operators. Audible and visual pass/ fail indicators clearly signal when displayed readings lie within tolerance.

An onboard memory to store 500 peak readings.



RS232, digimatic and analogue data output are all standard to allow easy data transfer to PCs, printers and dataloggers. Choose from a selection of interface cables to connect to your device.



Torque measurement

To get even more from your AFTI display, there's a range of 'Smart' static and rotary torque sensors to choose from. Simply unplug your force loadcell and plug-in your torque sensor.