Máy sấy phun SD-1000

Máy sấy phun SD-1000

Máy sấy phun SD-1000

Máy sấy phun SD-1000

Máy sấy phun SD-1000
Máy sấy phun SD-1000

TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Eyela Máy sấy phun SD-1000

Spray dryer SD-1000



2 way nozzle type spray dryer
Drying capacity: 1500mL/h
Temperature range: 40 ~ 200℃


   ♦ Drying time is short as to avoid affect from high temperature on samples.
   ♦ Sample solvents can be collected in the form of dried uniform powder.
      Pre-process of filtering or concentrating or post-process of grinding are not required.
   ♦ Drying by gram order is possible.
   ♦ Equipped recorder output enables setting, checking and recording the experiment data.
   ♦ Automatic cleaning of the nozzle part of air spray line by timer is possible.
      Powders sticked inside nozzle can be removed by pusshing needle a few times.
   ♦ Magnetic stirrer is equipped as standard.
   ♦ Dried air inlet/outlet filters are equipped as standard.

















Product name

Spray Dryer



 Product No.



AC 200V


Two way nozzle spray type

 Drying capacity

Max. approx. 1500mL

 Temp.  range/accuracy

40 ~ 200℃ (at inlet)/±1℃

 Heated air  volume

0.2 ~ 0.75 ㎥/min.

 Spray air  pressure

20 ~ 245kPa (0.2 ~ 2.5kg/㎠)

 Pump flow  range

150 ~ 1700mL

 Sample stirrer rpm

100 ~ 1000 rpm 50mL ~ 2L water 

 Safety features

Evaporation tube cover, Self diagnosis function (Overheat, Excessive air flow, Heater brake, Leakage and excess current braker)

 Spray air  cleaning

Automatic operation by interval timer

 Additional  function

Spray air line valve ON-OFF switch

 Output signal

0 ~ 10 mV (Inlet/outlet temperature, Dried air flow volume)



 Circulating  pump

Tube pump

 Spray nozzle

Two way nozzle (nozzle ID 0.71mm)

 Spray air pump

Spray air compressor (option)

 Chamber  dimensions/td>

300W x 300D x 350H mm  30L 

 Evaporation tube

Hard glass


Hard glass

 Powder recovery  vessel

Hard glass (600mL)


DC brushless servo output 6 W, Magnetic stirrer

 Suction blower

Rectifyer blower, Max. 0.75 ㎥/min. Variable volume

 Tube diameter

ID 3.15 mm x OD 5.2 mm

 Spray air  pressure

Pressure 294 kPa (3kg/㎠), Lowest flow volume 25L/min

 Interval timer

OFF or 1 ~ 20 min. (Automatic interval opertion)

 Ambient temp.

5 ~ 35℃

 Overall  dimensionsnbsp;

700W x 620D x 1500H

 Net weight


 Input power

21A, 4.2kVA, AC200V 50/60 Hz