TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Mecmesin TMS-Pilot Thiết bị phân tích cấu trúc thực phẩm MultiTest-i Single-column texture analyzer


Thiết bị phân tích kết cấu hệ một trụ

Advanced software-controlled tensile and compression tester powered by our trusted testing software, Emperor Force.

 ✓ Product and component testing

 ✓ Quality control environments

 ✓ Research and development labs

 ✓ Capacity: 2 N to 5 kN

The single-column range is an ideal bench-top device for product testing applications according to your own test methods.


MultiTest-i 2.5 kN automated texture testing system


Emperor™ Force software

MultiTest-i test configuration on Emperor software presented on laptopEasy-to-use software with almost limitless freedom to design and customise tension and compression tests to suit your needs. Developed by Mecmesin in close collaboration with our customers, Emperor™ is now trusted by over 5,000 companies for the detailed testing and evaluation of their products.

Create simple tests for the production line and more complex laboratory tests to prove design standards are met.

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✓ Delivering consistency and reliability, the MultiTest-i tensile and compression tester controls all key test parameters such as force, displacement and speed.

✓ Emperor Force testing software drives the test system, removing the inherent variability found in manual testing methods.

✓ A single-column MultiTest-i is designed for measuring forces up to 5 kN (1100 lbf) on virtually any component, made from almost any material, either during their normal operation or when being pulled/pushed until they fail or break.

✓ A compact bench-top design that takes up very little space, with intuitive controls makes the MultiTest-i system easy to use, even for novice operators.

✓ Available in a range of sizes and capacities

✓ For example, you can test high-elongation specimens on the long travel 0.5 kN and 1 kN models, ideal for tensile and adhesive peel tests on plastics and rubbers.

✓ Our most popular 2.5 kN and 5 kN models for general purpose testing of smaller specimens, to determine tension, compression, flexure, shear and fracture characteristics.

✓ Mecmesin deliver affordable solutions to please every budget

✓ Customers from industries such as automotive, aerospace, cosmetics, electronics, packaging, pharmaceutical, medical, have all come to rely on Mecmesin as their partner of choice for tensile and compression testing solutions.



The single-column MultiTest-i testing system comprises four key elements:

* Test frame

 ✓✓Ballscrew-driven motorised test frame, design for applying tensile and compressive forces from a few mN up to 5 kN. High-quality construction manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards.

 ✓✓ Dovetailed crosshead design for minimising operator setup time with 'plug and play' (interchangeable) loadcells automatically recognised by the software.

 ✓✓ Pre-drilled base plate with threaded holes for configuring a wide range of grips and fixtures. Quick change (QC) adaptors make it even easier to swap grips for performing different tests.

* Loadcells

 ✓✓ Specially adapted 'plug and play' (interchangeable) loadcells, from 2 N up to 5 kN with outstanding measurement accuracy of ±0.1% or ±0.2% of the sensor capacity.

 ✓✓ A calibration certificate (traceable to national standards) is provided as standard with every sensor.

* Software

 ✓✓ Easily create step by step test routines to your exact testing procedure requirements. Commonly used tests can be run with one-click by the operator from a 'favourites' menu or a configured drop-down list.

 ✓✓ Emperor Force testing software runs on a Windows computer, controlling the test frame motor and collecting data at 1,000 Hz from the loadcell and displacement encoder.

 ✓✓ Plotting measurement data on a realtime graph enables the operator to see exactly how the specimen is performing. Preset calculations can analyse test data to determine if the specimen has met the quality control pass/fail criteria.

 ✓✓ Emperor Force enables the operator to issue test reports as PDFs, as well as exporting data to Excel or the network for further analysis in a Statistical Process Control (SPC) package.

* Grips & fixtures

 ✓✓ Holding your test specimen in place without it slipping is essential to obtaining repeatable results. Mecmesin design tension and compression grips to hold any size/shape component.

 ✓ We also have team of design engineers that will work with you and develop the best grip for your specimen, commonly using in-house 3D printing to produce lightweight precision fixtures.



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