TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Hamilton Xilanh và kim Needles


Hamilton Company offers the widest variety of standard and custom needles in the industry. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel and with needle gauges from 10 to 34 and lengths from 0.375 to 12+ inches almost any needle is possible. 










Luer Lock Needles

Hamilton Company offers a large selection of needles that are compatible with Luer Lock syringes. Luer Lock is an industry standard tapered termination utilized by most syringe manufacturers including medical Hypodermic syringes. Luer Lock needles are common because their design is controlled by a series of universal standards which guarantees compatibility between manufacturers. That being said not all luer lock needles are created equally.













Removable Needles

With Hamilton Removable Needles you get the best of both worlds. The benefit of a replaceable needle for the occasional bend or clog and the minimal dead volume of a cemented needle. The unique Removable Needle design installs the needle precisely at the zero line. The result is a zero dead volume connection that simplifies priming.












Glass Micro Pipette

There are many applications where using a glass needle is superior to using a metal needle. Glass needles are widely used in Neuroscience applications because the point can be pulled to an incredibly small diameter and maintain the rigidity to penetrate tissue. Additionally since the dispense hole exits from the very tip of the needle the wound track can be minimized.













Gel Loading Syringe Needles

These are replacement needles for the fixed width Gel Loading Syringe. The needles are available in 0.2, 0.3, and 0.4 mm outer diameters. The 0.2 and 0.3 mm needles are jacketed with a thicker gauge needle so only a short distance of the fine gauge needle is exposed. This added protection minimizes damage to the fine gauge needle.













Stainless Steel Tubing

Some custom applications require just the cannula from a standard needle. This category of needles comes without a hub so they cannot be connected to a Hamilton syringe. The length of the tubing can be specified at the time of order. We offer raw tubing cut to length and also tubing with a point style.














PEEK Needle

Hamilton manufactures needles using standard HPLC grade PEEK tubing. Versions are available which are compatible with Luer and Luer Lock syringes as well as Removable Needle (RN) syringes 250 µL and greater.














Thin Layer Chromatography Needles

The thin layer chromatography (TLC) needles are coated with PTFE 3/4" up the needle from the tip. The coating reduces the surface tension between the needle and the liquid making it ideal for reproducible sample spotting. These needles are available as a removable needle (RN) small or large hub and will connect to the appropriate RN syringes.














Valve Port - Hat Type Needles

Hat type needles are designed to be connected directly to a flat bottom valve port. Use the Needle Bushing part number 35056 to connect the needle directly to any 1/4-28 Hamilton valve.
















Venting Needles

High Precision Sample Handling


Hamilton venting needles are made of high grade stainless steel and are ideally suited for a wide range of applications. Various lengths and different hub connections are available to perfectly match the requirements of laboratory equipment manufacturers.