Máy lọc nước New Human RO

Máy lọc nước New Human RO

Máy lọc nước New Human RO

Máy lọc nước New Human RO

Máy lọc nước New Human RO
Máy lọc nước New Human RO

TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Human Hệ thống lọc nước Reverse Osmosis New Human RO

 New Human RO





- Certified CE 
- Certified ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
- Obtained GD, QD Mark (Good Design, Qualified Design) 
- Awarded the Korean Excellent Products 
- Built - in RS 232C Port 
- Built - in volumetric dispensing function
- Auto regular flushing to maintain the optimum water quality level 
- Programming by 2 steps of water quality for the filter exchange



  NEW Human RO 180 NEW Human RO 280 NEW Human RO 380
Product Flow Rate


Daily Volume


60L/day 100L/day 120L/day


Water Quality


RO : 0-30 ㎲ /cm

Display Range


RO product : 0.0 to 250.0㎲/cm
Feed water : 0 to 999㎲/cm (option)
Temperature : 0 to 99.9℃ (option)




Microprocess one Touch technology




16 x 2 Characters Backlight LCD Digital Display

Controller Functions




1. Self test : Self-test for diagnosing operating conditions. (Internal/External)
2. Auto cleaning
3. Built-in auto reset function.
4. Filter exchange indicator


Safety function



1. Low pressure of tap water 
2. Automatic pump stop functions

Optional accessories

Pretreatment system




W345 x D567x H 508 mm (135.8x223.2x200 inch)


210~230V, 50/60 Hz, 60W or 110~120V. 50/60Hz, 40W



Order Information
Model   Order Code Voltage Color
New Human RO 180   NHR1-220-BK 210~230V Black
  NHR1-220-G Grey
  NHR1-120-BK 110~120V Black
  NHR1-120-G Grey
New Human RO 280   NHR2-220-BK 210~230V Black
  NHR2-220-G Grey
  NHR2-120-BK 110~120V Black
  NHR2-120-G Grey
New Human RO 380   NHR3-220-BK 210~230V Black
  NHR3-220-G Grey
  NHR3-120-BK 110~120V Black
  NHR3-120-G Grey