TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Metrohm Thiết bị Quang Phổ NIRSystems Laboratory Analyzers

All NIRS Lab Analyzers are equipped with the patented Metrohm NIRSystems scanning technology that offers accuracy through the full scanning range from 400 to 2500 nm.

NIRS XDS Analyzers feature hot-swappable measuring modules for ease-of-use and sampling flexibility, while the NIRS DS2500 Analyzer is the right choice, if you seek a cost-effective, compact analyzer for routine analysis in any environment.











Key features


  • Patented monochromator and modular sampling accessories (e.g., cuvettes, probes) cope with all sample types
  • Different measuring modes available
  • Laboratory instruments can also be used for reaction monitoring 
  • Versatile automation options for trays of tablets, vials, etc.








NIRS XDS Analyzers with hot-swappable modules cope with all sample types: powders, granules, solids, slurries, gels, pastes, and turbid or clear liquids (Details are explained in the video below/pharma video).

Offering similar advantages, the NIRS DS2500 Analyzer is the cost-effective, compact solution for routine analysis in any environment, even for production floors where humidity, dust, vibrations, or temperature fluctuations prevail. (You find more details in the video below/polymer video.)









Different measuring modes – reflectance, transmittance, or transflectance 


Depending on the sample, you can choose between different measuring modes: reflection mode for creams, pastes, granulates, and powders and transmission mode for tablets and capsules. If you deal with liquids or gels the transmission or the transflectance – the combination between transmission and reflection – mode are the right choice.


















Seamless method transferability between analyzers


Our calibration models are robust.

Due to an improved signal-to-noise ratio, reduced bandwidth, and improved wavelength precision, calibration models can be easily transferred from one analyzer to the other.  














NIRS Lab Analyzers for all areas of manufacturing



In the manufacturing area, NIRS Lab Analyzers play at full strength, from raw material inspection to in-process monitoring and final product release.



Vision and Vision Air software


Metrohm offers two software products for NIRS lab analyzers: Vision and Vision Air.

The Vision software provides the full scope of functionality, ranging from instrument control to data acquisition and method development.

> Learn more about the Vision software

In addition, Metrohm has developed a software solution to meet the needs of different user groups: Vision Air. This software comes with two dedicated, separate working environments for routine users and for lab managers and can be operated within global client/server networks.

> Learn more about Vision Air

The image shows the simple, intuitive user interface of Vision Air in the Routine environment.





Multiparameter analysis including physical parameters 


Our NIRS Lab Analyzers offer simultaneous multiparameter analysis.

Besides myriads of chemical parameters also crucial physical parameters, such as density and viscosity, can be determined.
















NIRS XDS Analyzers – modular and versatile 


The hot-swappable modules offer flexibility to expand the application range of NIRS XDS modules.

By exchanging the modules, a broad range of applications is covered: from raw material inspection to reaction monitoring and quality control of finished products.















NIRS DS 2500 – compact and robust


The compact NIRS DS 2500 Analyzer is ideally suited for reflectance measurements of powders and granulates in harsh environments.

With special gold and stainless steel reflectors, it can also be used for transflection measurements of liquids.