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TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Mecmesin Thiết bị thử lực kéo lực nén OmniTest - Thiết bị kiểm tra vật liệu

Building on over 40 years experience in force measurement for product testing, Mecmesin has developed the OmniTest™ UTM with VectorPro™ MT software to perform a range of product & materials testing procedures.


A range of rigid test frames enables the properties of metals, plastics, polymers, alloys, composites, wood, fabrics, glass, laminates and ceramics to be accurately characterised in tension and compression up to 50 kN.


The OmniTest™ range comprises four bench-mounted, static load testing machines allowing tensile and compressive forces to be applied to a wide variety of material properties, specimen configurations and test types. All frames feature excellent rigidity with minimal deflection, upper and lower safety limit switches and have ample space to accommodate most sizes of test specimen.


Outstanding motor control delivers an impressive speed range from as slow as 0.05 mm/min right up to 1200 mm/min.



1. Choose your OmniTest bench-top frame to apply loads - from 5 kN to 50 kN capacity.


2. Select from the ELS range of precision, interchangeable load sensors to record applied loads.


3. To hold your specimen add suitable grips and fixtures from our wide collection.


4. Easily configure VectorPro™ MT software to meet your own specific test methods.





  • Enhanced Load Sensors with excellent accuracy across the load range.


  • Active load holding and rate control (load ramping), plus active strain control.


  • Just four multifunction buttons for settings and operation.


  • Clear indication of load, displacement, speed and system status.


  • Rigid frame with minimal deflection, lightweight construction, integrated cable management.


  • Extensometer-ready for materials testing.




  • Compression tester and tension testing.


  • Materials and product tester; compression and tension UTM.


  • Maximum loads of 5 kN (1100 lbf), 10 kN (2200 lbf), 25 kN (5500 lbf), 50 kN (11000 lbf).


  • Crosshead travel to 650 mm (25.6″), 950 mm (37.4″), 950 mm (37.4″), 1100 mm (43.3″)*.


  • Load sensor resolution of better than 1:25000 filtered from 24 bit.


  • Loadcell accuracy of ±0.5% of reading down to 5% of range.


  • Speed range of 0.05 to 1200 mm/min (0.002 to 47.2 in/min).


  • Speed resolution 0.001 mm/min (0.00004 In/min).




To complete your UTM system Mecmesin offers an extensive array of accessories approved for use with OmniTest™. Secure, distortion-free gripping which does not damage the specimen, introduce localised stresses, or restrict its deformation is fundamental in obtaining repeatable and valid test results.


OmniTest™ has a direct input connection for an extensometer, to correctly measure the true elongation of the gauge length region of the specimen, enabling VectorPro™ MT to accurately calculate the strain for elastic, ductile and brittle materials.


We also specialise in manufacturing custom-designed grips to meet particular criteria specifications. For advice and more information, contact us now.