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Bomb Calorimetry:

A procedure which determines the heat of combustion or calorific value of materials which are burned as fuels – is a fundamental test of great significance to anyone concerned with:

  • Production and/or utilization of solid and liquid fuels.

  • Disposal of combustible wastes.

  • Study of foods and feeds.

Parr offers a complete line of bomb calorimeters and accessories for these measurements; calorimeters which carry a proven reputation for reliability and good service as earned by the Parr Instrument Company over more than one-hundred years of continuous manufacturing experience in this specialized field. These calorimeters provide a wide selection of equipment for all types of calorimetric service, whether for routine fuel tests, for precise research measurements, for occasional calorific tests, or for student instruction.

Uses for Parr calorimeters extend into any chemical, physical or physiological process in which heat generation or burning is an important factor. Principal applications include calorific measurements for:





  • Coal and coke, all varieties and types
  • Fuel oil, both heavy and light varieties

  • Gasoline, all motor fuel and aviation types jet fuels, all varieties

  • Combustible wastes and refuse disposal

  • Foodstuffs and supplements for human nutrition

  • Forage crops and supplements for animal nutrition

  • Building materials

  • Explosives and heat powders

  • Rocket fuels and related propellants

  • Thermodynamic studies of combustible materials

  • Energy balance studies in ecology

  • Instruction in basic thermodynamic methods

Heats of combustion, as determined in an oxygen bomb calorimeter, are measured by a substitution procedure in which the heat obtained from the sample is compared with the heat obtained from a standardizing material. In this test, a representative sample is burned in a high-pressure oxygen atmosphere within a metal pressure vessel or “bomb”. The energy released by the combustion is absorbed within the calorimeter and the resulting temperature change is recorded.

In addition to the above general uses, Parr Calorimeters can be used for a variety of the standard ASTM and International test methods, producing results which meet or exceed the precision specified in each method.






The 6400 Automatic Isoperibol Calorimeter represents the next evolutionary step in the Parr automated calorimeters. Inclusive and compact, the instrument incorporates a closed loop cooling subsystem into the calorimeter. This subsystem uses a thermoelectric cooler assembly attached directly to a one liter water tank which supplies cooling water to the calorimeter. An external nitrogen pressurized tank is used to supply rinse water to the calorimeter.


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Model 6200 is a microprocessor controlled, isoperibol oxygen bomb calorimeter which is widely used for both routine and occasional calorific tests. It uses the time-tested Parr 1108 style oxygen bomb and oval bucket in a compact calorimeter, producing reliable results with good repeatability, but differing from the 6400 Model in that the bomb and bucket both must be removed from the calorimeter and refilled manually for each test, thereby requiring more of the operator’s time than the 6400 model.

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The 6100 Calorimeter has been designed to provide the user with:

  • For users who do not require the highest attainable precision.
  • A traditional design calorimeter with removable oxygen bomb and bucket.
  • A high speed calorimeter capable of performing up to 7 tests per hour when equipped with two bombs and buckets.
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The new Model 6050 Compensated Jacket Calorimeter is the first calorimeter designed by Parr to be controlled by your own personal computer. The 6050 Calorimeter is a compact, static jacket calorimeter that operates at room temperature.



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The 1341 Calorimeter is an improved version of a plain, static jacket, oxygen bomb calorimeter that has been made by Parr for more than eighty years. It is a reliable calorimeter that can be used for the same broad range of solid and liquid combustible samples as the 6000 Series.

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The 6725 Semimicro Calorimeter is a compact and easily operated, static jacket, combustion calorimeter designed specifically for measuring the heat of combustion of small samples when only limited amounts of test material are available.

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6755 Solution Calorimeter: A multi-purpose calorimeter for measuring enthalpy changes produced by chemical reactions in solution

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The 6765 Combination Calorimeter provides all of the equipment for running both solution calorimetry and semimicro oxygen bomb calorimetric tests.  This is a valuable multi experiment system for physical chemistry instruction. 

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The 6772 Calorimetric Thermometer is a high precision temperature measuring system based upon the control systems of the 6000 series calorimeters. It is an integral part of the 6725 Semi-micro Calorimeter and the 6755 Solution Calorimeter.

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Ordinary oxygen bomb combustion calorimetry is used to measure the heat of combustion or reaction of materials in oxygen or inert atmospheres.

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The proximate analysis of a coal sample is a tedious procedure involving several separate weights and the handling of data from several sources.

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Data Management

Calorimetric Standards

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Water Handling Systems

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