Đo pH online Hamilton

Đo pH online Hamilton

Đo pH online Hamilton

Đo pH online Hamilton

Đo pH online Hamilton
Đo pH online Hamilton

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Communication and Controller




Transmitters, controllers, ArcAir software, and Arc Wireless adapters are the tools needed to communicate with sensors for configuration, calibration, documentation and more.





















Arc Software and Accessories

Streamline the configuration, calibration, and other common workflows of Arc sensors through ArcAir Software and wireless accessories.
























Arc Wi Wireless Adapters


Add Bluetooth wireless communication to any existing Arc or ECS sensor.






















Arc Mobile Devices


Arc View Mobile tablets come loaded with ArcAir Advanced Software and can be used throughout the facility.





















USB Converters


USB converters provide wired or wireless connectivity to Arc sensors through a PC running ArcAir





















Arc USB Power Cables


Arc USB power cables allow a wired connection for PCs running ArcAir software





















Arc Modbus - Profibus Converter


The Modbus Profibus module converts the Modbus protocol into Profibus DP.
























Cell Density Controllers and Accessories


Cell Density Controllers offer the proper visualization, recording and communication tools for up to four sensors.























Arc View Controller


The main interface for Incyte and Dencytee sensors. Manage up to four sensors from a single controller.






















Cell Density Controller Accessories


Additional software licenses as well as output modules to increase flexibility with process control systems.























Cell Density ComBox


The Cell Density ComBox is a 2-channel USB device that enables the connection of two cell density sensors to the USB port of a Windows PC. The user provided PC must be compatible with the Hamilton cell density software.



















Cell Density Integration Kit


Specifically designed for system integrators, the CDIK includes ComBox, industrial PC, and interfaces for direct connection to the process control system.





















Traditional Transmitters


Hamilton Transmitter Series for traditional pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen measurements combines ease of use and reliability.




















H100 Transmitters


The H100 transmitter provides an easy to use interface for traditional Hamilton sensors. Intuitive menus allow simplified configuration and calibration of the sensor. Sensor status is continually monitored and faults are visually identified with icons on the large LCD screen. The H100 universal power supply can accept either AC or DC power which allows for flexibility in most applications. The transmitter comes with Factory Mutual non-incendive rating for use in hazardous areas.
















H220X Transmitters


The H220X transmitter is a full-function loop powered transmitter. It has a modular design and can be specified for use with traditional pH, ORP, 2/4-pole conductivity as well as inductive conductivity sensors. Two separate software packages described below can be choosen depending on the level of functionality needed for the application.
















Transmitter Accessories


Mounting hardware and protective hoods for the H100 Transmitter























Memosens Transmitters


Memosens sensors require special transmitters designed to support the inductive connection and proprietary digital communication protocol.