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Pilot System
Pilot System

TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Human Hệ thống lọc nước công suất lớn Pilot Pilot System


- RO Membrane
This water purifying method is to extract pure (RO) by applying the pressure into the RO membrane which contains 0.0001 ~ 0.001 micro meter pore size and this is highly effective in removing sevral impurities around up to 95~ 99% from feed water : Metal ions, Organics, Particles, Micro Organism

- Rejection Rate
• Monovalent ions : 95~99% • Paticles : 99%
• Polyvalent ions : 98~99% • Organics : 99%
• Microorganism : 99% • Pyrogen : 99% ..









  Pure RO 100P Pure RO 200P Pure RO 400P Pure RO 600P
Certified mark Certified ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
Product flow rate 80 to 120 L/Hr 150 to 250 L/Hr 350 to 450 L/Hr 600 to 700 L/Hr
Daily Volume 300L/day 600L/day 1200L/day 1800L/day
Water Quality

RO: 0-30µS/cm

Display Range RO : 0 to 200㎲/cm
Display LED digital display
(W x D x H)
500 x 450 x 1000mm (196.9x177.2x393.7 inch) 600 x 450 x 1440mm
(236.2x177.2x566.9 inch)
Power 210~230V, 50/60Hz, 1KW or 110~120V. 50/60Hz, 1KW




UP System Option

Display Range
RO Product : 0 to 200㎲/cm 
UP product : up to 18.3㏁-㎝
Optional Ion Vessel
0.2㎛ Final Filter
254/185 UV Lamp
Pretreatment system
210~230V, 50/60Hz, 1KW or 110~120V. 50/60Hz, 1KW
Water Quality

RO: 0-30㎲/cm

UP: ≦18.3MΩcm





Order Information
Model   Order Code Voltage
Pure RO 100P   PLR1-220-50 210~230V/50Hz
  PLR1-220-60 210~230V/60Hz
Pure RO 200P   PLR2-220-50 210~230V/50Hz
  PLR2-220-60 210~230V/60Hz
Pure RO 400P   PLR4-220-50 210~230V/50Hz
  PLR4-220-60 210~230V/60Hz
Pure RO 600P   PLR6-220-50 210~230V/50Hz
  PLR6-220-60 210~230V/60Hz