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OmniTest Twin-column materials tester

TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Mecmesin Thiết bị kiểm tra vật liệu Thiết bị kiểm tra vật liệu hai trụ OmniTest 10kN, 25kN và 50kN

Khung thử lực OmniTest


OmniTest twin-column 10, 25 and 50 kN materials tester - test frame emphasised


✓  A motorised test frame driven by twin ballscrews featuring dual-columns and designed to apply tension and compression from 2 N right up to a capacity of 50 kN (1100 lbf).


✓  Its versatile construction makes it perfectly suited for testing all kinds of materials in a quality control or R&D environment.



✓ The twin-column OmniTest features dual-columns containing twin-ballscrews, which are designed to apply tensile, shear and compressive forces from 2 N right up to 50 kN. This ensures the excellent rigidity, strength and positional control so often demanded by materials testing applications. 


✓ Intuitive front-panel controls make them easy to use whilst the quick-fit crosshead design ensures operators can quickly and easily attach new loadcells, that are automatically recognised by the software.


✓ The base plate of the OmniTest is pre-drilled with threaded holes to directly accept a wide range of contact extensometers, tensile grips and compression fixtures. It also accepts the quick-change (QC) adaptors which speed up the interchange of grips whenever you need to perform a variety of different tests.


Example laptop for controlling OmniTest materials tester

The OmniTest requires a Windows PC to run the VectorPro MT software and control the materials tester.


Example console for controlling OmniTest force tester

Alternatively, a Windows-based touchscreen console can be mounted directly on the OmniTest - save time by not moving to and fro a computer.




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