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TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Metrohm Hoa Ý Thiết bị Quang Phổ

Speed, versatility, application focus, and compliance – This is the essence of Metrohm Spectroscopy solutions.

Our expertise in spectroscopy goes back more than 50 years and is evidenced by numerous patents. The result is an extensive portfolio of NIRS laboratory and process spectrometers as well as ready-to-analyze Raman spectrometers in smartphone size.

Discover our complementary spectroscopy families: NIRS and Raman.

NIRS analyzers are the way to go if you routinely analyze chemical and/or physical properties of samples in the lab or in harsh process environments, especially when dealing with high sample throughputs.

  • Measuring modules that provide spectral data from NIR to the visible range
  • Real-time decision making supporting FDA’s PAT/QbD approach
  • Seamless method transferability between all NIRS Lab and Process Analyzers
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With our handheld Mira spectrometers, you can rapidly extract a great deal of chemical information from a wide variety of samples. Within seconds, the handheld analyzers provide you reliable and easily interpretable results.

  • True single-hand operation: small and lightweight instruments
  • Orbital Raster Scan mode for highly reliable results
  • Reliable results in a matter of seconds
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NIRS XDS Process Analyzer systems can measure a variety of sample types, such as granules, powders, liquids, slurries, or opalescent substances, among others.

These analyzers provide fast, nondestructive analysis of pharmaceutical, chemical, and petrochemical products. If required, up to 9 inline measuring channels can be multiplexed with this system.

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Spectroscopy software for instrument control and network operation with individual environments for routine measurements and administration.

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Spectroscopy software for instrument control, data administration, and method development.

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