Tủ ấm lạnh Caron

Tủ ấm lạnh Caron

Tủ ấm lạnh Caron

Tủ ấm lạnh Caron

Tủ ấm lạnh Caron
Tủ ấm lạnh Caron

TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Caron Tủ ấm lạnh

Refrigerated Incubators 

Models 7001-10, 7001-25 & 7001-33


About Refrigerated Incubators: These incubators serve a wide range of applications, such as: laboratory refrigerators, pharmaceutical refrigerators for long term storage of drug substances, temperature critical process studies, temperature conditioning and more.



Caron’s Refrigerated Incubators offer more than the typical competitive economy models. Caron’s Refrigerated Incubators are loaded with earth friendly and customer driven technical innovations.  The 25 ft3 (708L) and 33 ft3 (934L) units come standard with swivel locking casters and leveling feet, which aid in installation and relocation. 10 ft3 (283L) models are stackable or can fit on a sturdy benchtop.

Our large variety of options and accessories make it easy and cost-effectively choose the options you need for your application (see next page and back page for a list options). 

Caron also offers a broad array of optional factory direct services to support your facility needs. Our validation services provide complete mapping and performance certification to satisfy FDA guidelines for qualification verification of equipment.


Standard Features & Benefits  

  • The temperature range of 5°C to 70°C offers you the flexibility to simulate a wide range of temperature controlled conditions.
  • gROD™, Refrigeration on Demand, efficiently manages power consumption and saves electricity by operating the refrigeration system only when it is needed to maintain the temperature setpoint.   
  • 7” color touchscreen is intuitive and features easy-to-read icons and a familiar, user-friendly display that can be operated with gloves on.   
  • The user interface includes a configurable status center with built-in information updates, alerts and alarms to communicate a wide range of status conditions to the user.    
  • In the event of a power failure, non-volatile memory allows the chamber to return to its original setpoint when power is restored.   
  • The interior is comprised of stainless steel, making it easy to clean and highly resistant to corrosion. 
  • The glass doors are heated, triple-pane and Argon-filled, minimizing condensation for a clear view of your products inside.   
  • Caron green door handles are aesthetically pleasing and enhance ergonomics.   
  • These Refrigerated Incubators are designed with energy-efficient components, including high R, CFC-free foam insulation and 115V units will plug into standard laboratory electrical outlets, which contribute to cost savings.
  • Caron’s carefully designed horizontal airflow system generates gentle and evenly distributed airflow across all shelf locations. Temperature uniformity and rapid recovery are always maintained, even under heavy loads.   
  •  25 ft3 and 33 ft3 units have two access ports (one on each side) and the 10 ft3 unit has one access port, making validation easy and providing convenient access to connect instrumentation.
  • Our tool-less removable interior uses stainless steel latches, making it easy to clean and reconfigure.   
  • The stainless steel shelves slide into place and are adjustable, making them easy to clean, easy to relocate and highly resistant to corrosion.   
  • Multiple optional accessories are available, allowing you to modify the chamber to your specific application requirements.  

















Temperature Range

5°C to 70°C

Temperature Control


Temperature Uniformity


Interior Dimensions

23" W x 25.8" D x 29.8"H
(58.4 cm x 65.5 cm x 75.7 cm)

32" W x 27" D x 52.7"H (81.3 cm x 68.6 cm x 133.9 cm)

32" W x 27" D x 65.7"H 
(81.3 cm x 68.6 cm x 166.9 cm)

Interior Construction

Type 304, 2B Finish, Solid Stainless Steel

Exterior Dimensions

44.5" W 31.7" D* x 37" H
(112.3 cm x 82.8 cm x 92.7 cm)

35.5" W x 33.3" D* x 77.1" H 
(90.2 cm x 84.6 cm x 195.8 cm)

35.5" W x 33.3" D* x 90.1" H 
(90.2 cm x 84.6 cm x 228.9 cm

Exterior Construction

Cold Rolled Steel, Powder Coated

Work Space

10 cu. ft. (283 liters)

25 cu. ft. (708 liters)

33 cu. ft. (934 liters)

# of Shelves

3 Standard; 15 Maximum

4 Standard; 25 Maximum

5 Standard; 31 Maximum

Shelf Construction

Type 304, Perforated Stainless Steel, Electropolished

Shelf Dimensions

22.5" W x 25.4" D 
(57.2 cm x 64.5 cm)

29.25" W x 24.45" D 
(74.3 cm x 62.1 cm)

29.25" W x 24.45" D 
(74.3 cm x 62.1 cm)


60 Hz


230V 50 Hz 6A

60 Hz


230V 50 Hz 8A

60 Hz


50 Hz 

Shipping Weight lbs.







*Add 2.75" for handle. **Includes Export Shipping Crate.
NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications are based on 20°C ambient and standard voltage.






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