TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Metrohm Thiết bị Quang Phổ Vision Air

Vision Air has been developed with the user in mind. This modern, intuitive software for spectroscopic measurements caters to the specific needs of instrument operators and lab managers by offering two dedicated environments: Routine and Manager.

For routine users, measurements are as simple as can be, while advanced users benefit from the full range of functionality and data access.

The modern design and logical structure of Vision Air make familiarization with the software very easy and offer an exceptional user experience.







Key features


  • Routine and Manager: dedicated environments for different user groups

  • Simple, intuitive operation with clear result presentation

  • Server/client capability for global data access and maximum data safety







Vision Air versions and licenses







Vision Air Routine and Manager: Two environments tailored to the users’ needs

Personnel performing measurements and managing staff in charge of quality control have very different requirements. This is why Vision Air offers two separate environments fully adjusted to the needs of each user group.



Vision Air Routine logoVision Air Routine: Quick and easy operation

The Routine environment of Vision Air is focused on the essentials. Only the functions that are required for performing measurements are available. As a Routine user, you can:

  • Perform quick measurements and interpret data conveniently

  • Generate customized reports and audits












Vision Air Manager logoVision Air Manager: Full control of data and configuration

Users are given full control of data and instruments in the Vision Air Manager environment. As a Manager user, you can:

  • Manage all data and instrument events comfortably

  • Set the configuration for all instruments simultaneously













Vision Air Routine: Intuitive operation reduced to the essentials


Vision Air Routine: obtain results with two clicksVision Air Routine has been streamlined to enable a maximum of convenience. The Routine environment is where you can select operating procedures, start measurements, and view results easily and conveniently. Starting measurements takes just two clicks.

Vision Air is based on a modern interface concept to make operation as easy as possible. Thanks to the logical structure of Vision Air, you will find every function where you would expect it.












Vision Air Manager: Data and instrument management the easy way


Vision Air Manager screenshotManager users of Vision Air are given full control of the measured data, user administration, instrument configurations, and calibration models – at any time and from any location, thanks to Vision Air’s client/server capability. With this full access, you have the possibility to ensure consistent quality standards across all laboratories, instruments, and operators by:

  • Setting the parameters for the measurement
  • Configuring instruments
  • Allocating user roles and specifying control procedures












So far, the Vision Air software is compatible with the Metrohm NIRS DS2500 and NIRS XDS RapidLiquid Analyzers. More instruments will be added continuously. For more information, contact your local sales representative.


Vision Air versions and licenses



Brochure: Vision Air