Vortex-dV Máy kiểm tra lực xiết nắp chai

Vortex-dV Máy kiểm tra lực xiết nắp chai

Vortex-dV Máy kiểm tra lực xiết nắp chai

Vortex-dV Máy kiểm tra lực xiết nắp chai

Vortex-dV Máy kiểm tra lực xiết nắp chai
Vortex-dV Máy kiểm tra lực xiết nắp chai

TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Mecmesin Thiết bị kiểm tra lực momen xoắn - đóng & mở nắp chai Vortex-dV Máy kiểm tra lực xiết nắp chai


The Vortex-dV is a versatile and affordable torque testing system, comprising a precision-controlled motorised stand with a choice of torque transducers, an AFTI digital torque display and data capture unit, and a range of grips and fixtures.


This robust and simple to use system is suited to either R&D in the laboratory, or quality control in the production area. It improves greatly on manual units with accurate gripping and precise speed control, and in batch testing, eliminates user repetitive strain injury.


Its multifunctional control wheel allows precise setting of speed and position, while its coloured LEDs clearly indicate machine status during testing.



Test to a target angle, or between angular positions, and to a torque limit or break. For many applications, the Vortex-dVprovides a highly versatile and affordable solution, which will provide consistently reliable performance.


VectorPro™ Lite data acquisition software

VectorPro logoAdd VectorPro™ Lite software to a Vortex-dV for data acquisition, reporting and exporting, graph plotting, results calculation, and storage of regular test routines.





Key features

  • 4 transducers to choose from: 1.5 N.m, 3 N.m, 6 N.m and 10 N.m
  • 4 test modes: manual bidirectional control, run to or between positions, run to break, run to torque
  • clear, colour display of speed, angle and torque
  • just 4 multifunction buttons for all settings and operation
  • top-load tray to apply static axial force, essential for child-resistant closure testing
  • fine-control wheel for precise positioning, and setting test parameters
  • coloured LEDs indicate machine status during testing
  • capture first and ultimate peak, and apply pass/fail values
  • USB PC connection for using data acquisition software
  • robust, rigid and splash-proof for demanding environments






  • Choice of transducers: 1.5 N.m, 3 N.m, 6 N.m, 10 N.m (13 lbf.in, 26 lbf.in, 52 lbf.in, 90 lbf.in)
  • Maximum travel of adjustable transducer carriage: 182 mm (7.2″)
  • Maximum headroom: 505 mm (19.9″) [448 mm (17.6″)]*
  • Width between columns 280 mm (11.02″)
  • Weight 19.5 kg (48 lb)
  • Power requirements: 230 V AC 50 Hz, or 110 V AC 60 Hz
  • Max power: 100 W
  • Torque accuracy: 0.5% of full scale
  • Torque units: mN.m, N.m, kgf.cm, lbf.in, ozf.in (as per AFTI)
  • Speed range: 0.1 rev/min to 30 rev/min (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  • Speed accuracy: ±1% of indicated speed
  • Speed resolution: 0.01 rev/min, (0.1°/s)
  • Maximum displacement: 9999 revs
  • Displacement accuracy: 0.2° per 36,000°
  • Displacement resolution: 0.1° (0.001 rev) 

                              * with upper and lower mounting table fitted





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